Class Timetable

Main Hall

12-1pm 7+ Street Dance

60 mins with Kieran Hays

1-2pm 7+ Singing

60 mins with Melanie Masson

2-3pm 10-12’s Acting

60min with Raff Degruttola

Larger Room

12.30-1.45pm 13-16+ Acting  90mins with Raff Degruttola 

 2-3pm 7-9’s Acting

60 mins with Reice Weathers

Smaller Room

12.30-1pm 5-7yrs Singing  30mins with Melanie Masson

1-1.30pm 5-7yrs Dancing

30mins with Kieran Hays

1.30-2pm 5-7yrs Acting

30 mins with Reice Weathers

2-3pm 13-16+ Singing with Melanie Masson

Plus 1-2-1 tuition by arrangement

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